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    219004:11TX Tiltable 1 Color Screen Press With Adjuestable Pallet

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    1 Color Screen Printing 11TX Incline Screen Printing

    11TX is our newly developed one color screen printing machine, and it can move back and forth, left and right . it can used for more designs in one screen printing plate, the special feature is the clamp with screen can incline 30 degree. And it is the latest one color screen press which can according to the need of content printing selectively to screen.


    From screen print and printing process, the plate is various processes (the tension screen frame, cleaning, sizing, drying, print, scour ability version and mended edition.) waste time too much (the most general case, making a final screen frame needs at least 2-3 hours) if processing version to other company the fee is relatively high. Because almost screen printing machine cannot move and when they fixed screen frame normally it would be move maximum 2cm, right and life move maximum 5cm, Cause screen frame Plate pattern on the screen print and printing products in version must be relatively accurate. Otherwise, different situation can be make different worth such like on the low side or high side or right side or life side, bedplate to screen fixed position is not suitable, there may cause printing deviation, also has the potential to cause waste version.

    In the other side, the plate cost very high, mostly buyer, need one screen can be repeatable, same cost, same material, make more designed in one plate, it should be save cost ,but normally one color screen printing machine it is fixed on bad plate, when screen print and printing peoples need adjustment screen frame is very difficult, one frame has design position also no working

    Main Feature


    Clamp with screen can incline 30 degree, with that can print something special that not flat.


    • This machine is particularly  applicable to print kinds of printing products that need to set  on the bedplate, such as t-shirts, hold pillow, headrest, bag  ,Non-woven bag, etc;

    • This machine is special  developed; the bedplate is 45*55 centimeters T - shirt type.

    • The machine screen frame  chuck can make adjustment according to printing height within 2  cm, and it is suitable for printing 2cm thickness objects.

    • Specially designed lift  screen frame control springs, the springs' tension can be  adjusted, so that users can according to the use of screen frame  size, screen frame weight to adjust the tension to make the  tension suitable


    Packing & Install
    Basic Parameters

    Product Name

    11TX Single Color inclinable Screen Printing Machine

    Palate Size

    18*22 inch (45*55 cm)

    Shipping Weight

    48.5 lbs (22 kg)

    Package Size

    28*22*11 inch (70*55*27 cm)


    Strong packing will  ensure the goods against any possible damage during transit.
    Item Included:







    ??11TX Inclinable Screen Printing Machine



    Without Screen Frame

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