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    Packaging Supply> Vacuum Package Machine>
    160810:Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

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    Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging

    Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine


    This machine needs at least 30A (110V) circuit.


    Operation Process:

    1. Link the power.

    2. Open the power switch, setting the vacuum time according to the packaging needs.

    3. Setting the sealing temperature and sealing time according to the materials of plastic bags.

    4. Put the product to the sealing bar.

    5. Press the vacuum lid and then it start to vacuum.

    6. When it reaches some kind of vacuum degree, it begins to sealing process.

    7. After the sealing process, it deflates automatically and finishes the packaging.

    Volume 16.5"*15.7"*4.7"/42*40*12cm
    Packaging Speed 1-4n/min
    Voltage 110V
    Power of Electricity 900W
    Power of Heating 800W
    Rate of Exhausting 20L/s
    Size 21.2"*19.6"*39.4"/54*50*100cm
    Weight 185.2lbs/84kg


    1. All transparent

    2. High extensive tempered glass with anti-explosion function

    3. Vacuum chamber are formed by punching one-off which could avoid being out of shape.

    4. Vacuum chamber is shaped with 304 stainless steel which could avoid of acid and other corrosion.

    5. With micro-computer operation system, operation will be more easier, faster and exacter.

    6. Under the circulation of exhauster, the machine's life expectancy could be longer.


    Item includes:160810
    • Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine*1
    • Thermal fuse*1
    • Spanner*1
    • High Temperature isolation fabric*1
    • Screw Driver*2
    • Letter Printing Box *1
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