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    Automotive Tools> Glue Dispenser>
    160610:Adhesive Glue Syringe +Dispensing Needle Tip

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    Adhesive Glue Syringe + Dispensing Needle Tip

    This set of kit is of marvelous quality and of great use, especially for the dispensing needle tip which is made of stainless Steel of 304. It will give you a wonderful using experience. Come and try the new Adhesive Glue Syringe and Dispensing Needle Tip. We would do our best to be at your Service.


    Item included:

    Liquid Dispenser Description:
    30CC Barrel Adapter Assembly - 1pc
    30CC Barrel (I.D. 22mm) - 3pcs
    30CC Piston - 3pcs
    10CC Barrel Adapter Assembly - 1pc
    10CC Barrel (I.D. 15.5mm)- 3pcs
    10CC Piston - 3pcs
    5CC Barrel Adapter Assembly - 1pc
    5CC Barrel (I.D. 12.5mm) - 3pcs
    5CC Piston - 3pcs


    Dispensing Needle Tip Description:

    Stainless Steel of 304

    16G - 3pcs     1.26mm       1.66mm 
    17G - 3pcs     1.07mm       1.47mm
    18G - 3pcs     0.86mm       1.26mm     
    19G - 3pcs     0.67mm       1.07mm     
    20G - 3pcs     0.60mm       0.90mm     
    21G - 3pcs     0.50mm       0.80mm     
    22G - 3pcs     0.40mm       0.70mm     
    23G - 3pcs     0.33mm       0.63mm     
    24G - 3pcs     0.30mm       0.55mm     
    25G - 3pcs     0.26mm       0.50mm     
    26G - 3pcs     0.24mm       0.45mm     
    27G - 3pcs     0.21mm       0.40mm 

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