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    Food Machine>
    160507:1.2M Commercial Center Island
    Out Of Stock

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    ?????? 1

    1.2m commercial, home food workbench, operating table - Western-style fast food equipment


    Dimensions 47*30*31in
    Net weight: 115lb

        This workbench is made of stainless steel and has a reasonable design and is easy to use. Most of these devices are in large shopping malls, hotels or hotels, tea restaurants, cake baking shops, cafes, western restaurants, beverage shops, and Chinese restaurants. Food preparation, meat products factory, fruit and vegetable processing equipment can be used.
       At the same time, it can also make up for the insufficiency of the home kitchen structure. It can also be a work table, a preparation table, a counter, a storage area, a dining table, and the like.


    ?? Three different cup dividers for storing beverage cups with automatic cup device?? Two large capacity storage cabinets can be used for storage
    ?? The luxurious appearance design is beautiful and the overall structure is safe.
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    160507 1.2m commercial, home food workbench, operating table - Western-style fast food equipment 1 Set ??

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