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    153026:110V Saw Blade Grinder
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    153025:220V Saw Blade Grinder

    Saw Blade Grinder Sharpen Machine

    The machine is designed for sharpening various kinds of carbide tipped saw blades from size 80mm to 700mm.It's also suitable to grind other material, such as plastic, wood, aluminum alloy for different purpose like furniture manufacturing, decoration etc. Its fascia can support the teeth of saw blades and other parts in order to prevent jumping and improve grinding quality .


    Voltage 110V(if you need 220V,please contact with us)
    Grinding Wheel Size 4.92"(12.5cm)
    Bore Size of Grinding Wheel 1.26"(3.2cm)
    Adjusting Range of Grinding Wheel +/-20 degrees
    Power 250w
    Handle Turning Angle 30 degrees from left and 45 degrees from right
    Revolution 2850rpm
    Product Dimension 28.35"x16.93"x11.81"(72x43x30cm)
    Package Dimension 16.93"x16.93"x13.58"(43x43x34.5cm)
    Weight 70.4lbs (32kgs)
    centering arbor size

    5/8" (15.87mm); 0.79"(20mm); 0.86"(22mm), 1" (25.4mm); 1.18"(30mm); 1.57"(40mm)

    Method of operation

    First ,loosing the fascia, then adjust the angle of grinding blade and fasten.

    Second, adjusting of center axle

      1)Rotating the center axle to the grinding blade  

      2)Pushing the center axle to the right

      3)Installing the saw blade ,rotate the wheel and decide the position of grinding surface saw teeth

      4)Rotating the rotation table to ensure the angle of grinding blade.

      5)The cross angle between the grinding surface and work surface is about 5°

    Third, adjusting of positioning assembly            

      1)Adjusting the saw blade to the best grinding position, rotating the positioning frame and fascia,

      2)Adjusting positioning pin to the proper base of saw teeth and leave gap of grinding quantity, fasten the fixed screw

    Fourth, adjusting the center axle to the same gap of grinding quantity to the right

    Last, when all the parts are fastened, the saw blade supported with hand will be grinded



    1.base body 3.end cover 4.rotatary base 5.rotary table base 6.rotary table
    7.slide base 8.slide disc 9.table nut base screw 12.slide block
    13.frame 14.board 15.positioning board cover board 18.adjusting bolt
    19.upright post 20.long bolt 21.short bolt 22.long handle 23.short handle 24.positioning pin
    25.mat cover 26.diamond wheel 27.cover 28.motor 29.rear stuck disc 30.fore stuck disc
    31.big pin 32.small pin 33.hand wheel 34.round handle 35.turret handle foot
    37.adjusting bolt base 38.fastening handle 39.switch 40.screw 41.lirnit pin 42.washe

    Item Included:

    1 set of 110V Saw  Blade Grinder Machine (153026)


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