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    151020:110V Desktop Vacuum Package Machine DZ-260

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                           110V Vacuum Packing Machine


       This model is newly designed product of my factory which not only contains the features of common models but also has new advantages. The machine body can be easily lift up so it is very convenient for daily maintenance. This machine can pack grain ( Food, local specialty, medicine, electronics, hardware), powder ( coffee, wheat), paste( ketchup, honey, seafood). The main principle is the air in bag is inhaled and the bag is sealed at the same time. This can constrain the propagate of organism, food oxidize and rotten which can prolong the valid time. Some loose products are easy to transport and store after packed.


    1) The packing film adopts plastic compound film or plastic aluminum foil compound film.
    2) The packaged production can avoid to oxygenizing mildewing, rusting, wetting and pro-long the reserve time.
    3) The cover is transparent organic glass.
    4) The user can see the whole packing process easily.


    • Packing speed: 1-3times/min
    • Voltage:110V
    • Motor Power:180W
    • Vacuum chamber size:11*15*3.54inch (280*380*90mm)
    • Sealing size: 10.24*14.17*3.15inch (260*360*80mm)
    • Maximum packing size (bag): 10.24*11.81inch (260*300mm)
    • Net Weight: 35kg(77lbs)


    1).Air-inhale time
    The Nixie tube indicates "___" means standby mode when open the machine
    When dial the "Vacuum" button one time it will show original. Dial "  Increase" or "Decrease" button to adjust the vacuum time. It will return  again when dial "Vacuum" button.
    2). How to set sealing time
    Under the stand by state, Dial "Seal" button first and then set the  needed sealing time according to dial "Increase" or "Decrease" button.
    3). How to set sealing tempt
    Dial "Sealing tempt" button to select the right level
    4). Work process
    Press the organic cover and the machine will work automatically after  set all parameters on machine. Below are the main working steps: A.Inhale  air B.Seal C.Tempt. retain 2 seconds D.Exhaust air E.standby mode. The  machine can be fixed air inflation device, like nitrogen gas. The  process is between A and B.
    5).Emergency stop
    When need to stop the working in advance or exceptional case happened,  please dial " Emergency" key. The machine will stop to work at once.

    Item  included:

    Item# Description QTY Unit
    151020 Vacuum  Packing Machine 1 set

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