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    Heat Press & Sublimation Transfer> Machines> Flat Heat Press>
    110200:15x15 Digital Heat Press T-shirt Transfer High Pressure
    Out Of Stock

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    110V Digital 15x15 Heat Press (110200)

    Heat presses are widely used for heat transferring images to T-shirts, mouse pads,

    tiles and any other objects with flat surfaces, by foil, sublimation, inkjet and more.

    We have 2 different heat presses(15x15 and 16x24) meeting your need.



    Specification Form
    Working Size15.0"??15.0" (38??38cm)
    Temperature Range0??-300??
    Time Range0-999sec
    Packing Size29.5"??18.9"??22.8" (75??48??58cm)
    Gross Weight62.8lb (28.5kg)

    Assembly drawing

    1. Hand shank     2.timer and temperature controller      3.heater   4.fuse            5. Power line     

    6. switch    7.    Pressure adjust screw            8. silicon pad


    • Our machine adopts the full touch digital intergrated meter which is convenient

    and efficient.

    • High precision, it is great for both beginners and professional heat printers.
    • Makes it easier for fixing garment printing.
    • Easy for operate and greatly saving labor.
    • This heat press is a great space saver in any shop.
    • With high quality.

    For T-shirt, Pillowcase, Puzzle, Mouse Pad, Metal Board, Fridge Magnet,

    Coaster, Slipper, Bag, Cushion, etc.

    temperature and time setup:

    1.turn on the switch, machine connect power with buzzer a times,showing

    temperature and time, the OUT light keep lighting TEMP button, the temperature screen flash, change the temperature through 

    up and down  key.Press TEMP button again to fix the temperature you want. TIME button, the time screen flash, change the time through up and down key.

     Press TIME button again to fix the time you want.

    4.When the heater temperature up to the setup temperature , the OUT light crush out.


    Printing steps:

    Taking the white chemical fiber cloth as an example

    1.Feed material into inkjet printer, be sure printing on the printable side(white matt coated side).

    2.Design you image and invert it ,printer setting use Photo Quality 

    or Best Quality print mode 

    3. Lift up the press handle, and turn on the power.The press should always be in the 

    open position when heating the it. 

    4. Setting temperature and time.

    5. Press will keep in the constant temperature when rising to the ideal temperature.

    Put the cloth on the silica pad with the side you want to transfer facing up and smooth 

    out all wrinkles to preheat for 5 second.

    6.Place on fabric with image face down.  

    7. Lay down the grip to start the transfer ,meanwhile the timer will count automatically.

    8.While time is up, the buzzer will sound . 

    9. Lift up the press handle again, take out the cloth and peel the paper.  

    peel warm or peel cool refer to transfer paper instruction 



    •We provide support service for all of our customers to help their heat thansfer

    busines goes well. 
    • Comprehensive guarantee for one year except the wearing parts
    • User-friendly English manual for machine using and maintaining

    About Spare Parts
    If the parts were broken during the guarantee period, we will provide a new

    part for free.  And customer can buy a new one from our company if  the

    guarantee period is expired.

    tem Included: 

    1set 110V Digital TH38DB 15x15 Heat Press Machine (110200)


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