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    028005:Stainless Steel 3 Shelf Janitor Cart With Cloth Bag

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    Stainless Steel Janitor Cart With Cloth Bag

    1.Strong bearing capacity: it is designed as three layers with bag, which can be easily competent for various service work.
    2.Good appearance: elegant modern design, stainless steel main material and Oxford cloth bag make it not only look more suitable for upscale hotels but also easy to clean.
    3.Mute wheel: it USES the swivel mute wheel, reduces the noise when used, and brings better service for customers.
    4.Easy disassembly: it has a detachable design, the installation process is very simple, when you do not use it, it can be easily removed and stored.
    5.This Janitor Cart is ideal for providing table service or similar tasks.

    Name of Production: Stainless Steel Janitor Cart
    Dimensions: 39*38*18 inches (980*1000*460mm)
    Capacity: 100 lb/layer
    Material: stainless steel + Oxford cloth
    Installation: screws
    Item include:
    1 set of Stainless Steel Janitor Cart (027905)$_10.jpg

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