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    017207:CNC 3040 Wood milling machine PCB engraving router with Ball screw 4axis control box
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    CNC 3040 Wood milling machine PCB engraving router with Ball screw
    4axis control box
    Introduction: Easily produce name badges, equipment tags, small signs, plaques and awards, gift items, pet tags,ID tags, electrical tags, military name tags, desk plates, or mark industrial parts and 3d engraving.
    Feature:be good at processing small precision instuments, easy to control,support G code.
    Rack material:6061 and 6063 Hard aluminum alloy
    Engraving area:400X300mm
    Z-Axis Stroke:55mm, Engraving depth depends on the length of the tool edge
    Acceptable material thickness:??70mm
    Rail type:Chromeplate shaft+Linear Bearings,(Surface hardening 61HRC)
    Type of screw:Ball screw,Pitch 4mm
    Spindle motor:230W/11000r/min(Very small noise)
    Stepper motor and drive:two-phase hybrid stepping motor , 2.0A/PHASE, 8 segments drive.
    Maximum operating speed:4000mm/min (Engraving speed :300-3000mm/min)
    Repeat positioning Accuracy:0.04mm
    Communication interface: USB
    Software Compatability:Mach3/Emc2/Kcam, (Type3,Wentai, ArtCAM,coppercam)
    Command code:G code/.nc/.ncc/.tab/.txt
    How to use:
    Please see the English user manual to see how to set up the software and how to use this machine.
    1. Assembling and locating the CNC machine on steady desk well.
    2. Make sure that your computer has a on-board parallel port output
    3. Installing a CNC control software and Drive such as the MACH 3 or EMC2 on your computer.
    4. Connecting the control box with the CNC machine and you computer.
    5. Fllowing our manual or guideline to set uo the software.

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