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    006015:1-1 Screen Press micro adjust 20x24 pallet

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     Screen Printing Press with 20"x 24" Pallet

    ASC2420 micro-adjustable screen press with large printing platen is one of our newest model. It has kept functions of traditional one, such as adjusting platen right  and left, back and forth; adjusting height of screen chucks for suiting  different substrates, etc. In addition, it has several special features. 

    Please pay attention to the pallet size!


    Main Features
    • Specially designed sliding-adjustable disc gravity and gravity hole devices for extra heavy frames.
    • The equipped platens are much bigger than the normal ones, which is especially suitable for signboard and spa signage printing.
    • The platens are environmental and made of high density melamine materials,  anti-distortion, water proofing, corrosion resistance and easy to clear.

    • Extendibility: if need larger printing area, only remove several bolts to change another bigger platen.
    • Advanced electrostatic spraying and electroplating, durable, easy clear and no rust.
    • Excellent packaging
    • Platen sizes: 24"x20"x0.7" (620x520x18mm)
    • Length of screen clamps is 14.5" (370mm).
    • Adjustable range of up-and-down screw bar is 4.3" (110mm).
    • Net Weight: 40Lb (18kg)
    • Shipping Weight: 46Lb (21kg)
    • Machine sizes: 30"x22"x10" (76x56x26cm)
    • Package sizes: 32"x24"x5" (83x62x13cm)



    Items  included 
    • 1 set of 1-1 Screen Press (006015)
    Item# Description QTY Unit Note
    006015 1-1 Screen Press micro adjust 20x24 pallet 1 Set 20"x24" oversize pallet


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