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    Heat Press & Sublimation Transfer> Package & Kits> 3D Sublimation Press Kit>
    000958:3D Sublimation Transfer Machine Mug Plate Tile KIT
    Out Of Stock

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    3D Sublimation Machine + Mugs +Plates+Tiles KIT

    3D Sublimation machine is all-in-one machine, can transfer many sublimation blanks, mug, latte mug, plate, hat, t-shirt, iphone/ipad case, metal, glass, crystal......

    This machine can print 12mugs at one time, print plates better than the general plate press.

    There some materials and tools coming with this package for you making some test. If want more materials, feel free to contact us.


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    3D Muti-fuction Sublimation Transfer machine (ALL IN ONE)
    An affordable revolutionary 3D Sublimation Machine

    1. Three-dimensional printing

    2. All in one, suit for iPhone and smart phone cover, mug, rim plate, rock, photo glass, crystal, glass goblet, beer mug, clothes, acrylic and metal plate.

    3. The combination of vacuum pressure and heat to wrap sublimation transfer paper around curved shapes to permanently fuse the decoration onto any curved surface.

    4. Excellent and durable quality out of mature technology.

    5. CE Certification


    Model No





    22 kgs


    19 kgs


    2800 W

    Use format


    Up heating power

    1300 W

    Down heating power

    1300 W

    Vacuum pump

    150 W

    Max Vacuum

    -640 mmHg

    Vacuum flow


    Inspiratory time

    18 s



    Packing size 680x630x380mm




    A4 Sublimation Transfer Paper 1pack

    Packing size: A4

    Packing: 100sheets/pack

    Weight: 0.9kg

    Product origin: South Korea

    Description: Qualified inkjet paper for transferring images onto hard surfaces such as coated mugs, coated plates, coated metal boards, etc.

    Difference from other paper: It have a layer of coating on the print side, Printed color is bright, transfer greatly.

    Note: This paper must be printing by sublimation ink. And this paper cannot use on the 100% pure cotton clothes.

    13styles Vector Collections

    Items included

    1 3D Sublimation Transfer Machine Mug Plate Tile KIT (000958), which includes the following items:

    1. 3D Sublimation Machine 1set (000201)

    (Including 2pcs Rubber Clamps for 11oz mug and 1pc for 15oz mug)

    2. A4 sublimation transfer paper 1pack (110405)

    3. 2pcs 11oz white mug (001007)

    4. 2pcs 11oz Two-Tone Sublimation Mug (mix color)

    5. 2pcs 11oz Rim/Handle Sublimation Mug (mix color)

    6. 2pcs 11oz Full-Color Changing Sublimation Mug (mix color)

    7. 2pcs 15oz white mug (001435)

    8. 1pcs 8" Sublimation Plate (001013)

    9. 1pcs 12" Sublimation Plate (001014)

    10.2pcs 6"x6" ceramic tile (001016)

    11.Heat tape 2 rolls (001062)

    12.Tape holder 1pc (001397)

    13.Vector Graphic Art Collections (000784)

    3D Sublimation Machine (000201)

    A4 Sublimation Transfer Paper

    100 sheets(110405)

    Heat Resistant Tape

    1 Roll(001062)

    11oz White Sublimation Mug


    Two-Tone Sublimation Mug

    2 pcs(mix color)

    Rim/Handle Sublimation Mug

    2pcs(mix color)

    Full-Color Changing Sublimation Mug 2pcs(mix color)

    15oz White Mug


    2 pcs of 6"x6"sublimation ceramic tiles(001016?? 1pcs 8" Sublimation Plate (001013) 1pcs 12" Sublimation Plate (001014)

    Tape holder 1pc (001397??





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